The Finance Department is responsible for financial accounting and reporting, treasury management, preparing the city budget, preparation of an annual audit with city auditor, administering the processing and preparation of the city's payroll and payments to city vendors.

Financial Accounting and Reporting

Administer the City's financial accounting system accounting for all revenues and disbursements of the general government are channeled. Maintain a system of financial monitoring, control, and reporting for all operations and funds in order to provide an effective means of ensuring that financial integrity is not compromised. Provide City Council and City Manager with the necessary resources in order to make sound financial decisions.

Treasury Management

Administer the City's investment programs ensuring the safest and highest return on investments in accordance with City Council policy.


Prepare the City's Annual Operating and Capital Improvement Budget, which includes conducting public hearings on budget issues and holding departmental budget hearings. Provide financial analysis and month to month monitoring to ensure budgetary compliance.

Annual Audit and Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

Coordinate preparation of Annual Audit with City Auditor. Annually, the City prepares and submits its comprehensive annual financial report to The Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) for consideration of a Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting. In order to be awarded a Certificate of Achievement, a government must publish an easily readable and efficiently organized comprehensive annual financial report whose contents conform to program standards. Such reports must also satisfy both generally accepted accounting principles and applicable legal requirements.


Administer the processing and preparation of the City's payroll and ensuring the appropriate filing of federal and state reports including all W-2 salary and tax information.


Administer the processing and payments to the City's vendors.