Sidewalk Program

Happy Hollow Sidewalk Project

The Project is complete.

Happy Hollow Sidewalk Project: Concept Rendering

Fiscal Year 2012 Capital Sidewalk Scoring Criteria

Fiscal Year 2012 Capital Sidewalk Scoring Criteria

Right of Way Availability

    - Will easements and right-of-way be needed to construct?

Anticipated Utility Relocations

    - Are utilities in conflict (cost and time to relocate)?


    - Is there sufficient shoulder or will walls, etc. be required to build?

Evidence of Pedestrian Activity

    - Are pedestrian paths evident and is there a nearby pedestrian destination?

Roadway Classification

    - Is the site on an arterial/collector street, local street or neighborhood street?

Gap Closure

    - Does this project complete a network?

Funding Availability

    - Projects scored must have approved City Council funding allocation.

Sidewalk Program Review of Scoring Criteria Presentation - September 2013

Hammond Drive Sidewalk Project

Construction of the Hammond Drive – Mitchell to Lake Forrest Sidewalk Project is underway. Motorists should expect various lane/road closures of the east bound lane of Hammond due to construction activities from Mitchell to Lake Forrest over the course of the next 10 weeks (during appropriate closure hours). Please head the warning signs posted at the intersection of Mt. Vernon at Hammond.

Mitchell to Lake Forrest Sidewalk Project Concept Drawings

Sidewalk Improvements in Sandy Springs

Mt. Vernon Highway and Old Powers Ferry Sidewalk Project

The project to construct new sidewalk on the north side of Mt. Vernon Highway from Dupree to Northside Drive (existing sidewalk to remain) and on the north side of Old Powers Ferry Road from Powers Overlook Court to Kelson Drive is now awarded and underway with completion projected for late November 2012.

Project Plans

Powers Ferry Road Sidewalk Project

The project will construct new sidewalk on the west side of Powers Ferry Road from Whitmere Court to Dudley Lane. Projected Summer 2014.

Mt. Paran Road

Construction on this sidewalk project will begin in April 2014.