CodeRED Weather Warnings


CodeRED is an emergency notification system that will automatically call registered residents and businesses with a recorded warning from the National Weather Service if a severe weather warning is issued their area. Anyone living in Fulton County who wishes to receive a phone call on their land line or mobile phone may enter or update their information at the following link.

Submit your emergency notification information



CodeRED is sending me too many notices. Is there a way to reduce the number I receive?

Many CodeRED users elect to only receive tornado notices. To do this you can either call 800-566-9780 or change your settings online on the CodeRED website. If you previously set up an account, you can log in and change your settings. If you don't have an account, you can simply re-register your telephone number, but this time uncheck the "Severe Thunderstorm" and "Flash Flood" warning boxes.

I didn’t set up a CodeRED account when I registered my telephone number. How can I request changes to my CodeRED service, for example, change my address?

you can either call 800-566-9780 or re-register your telephone number online on the CodeRED website. When you re-register your number, it will automatically overwrite your previous CodeRED information and settings.

How do I remove the CodeRED service from my telephone number?

Call 800-566-9780 and follow the voice prompts.

My question isn't answered here. How can I receive more information on CodeRED?

The CodeRED service is provided to Sandy Springs residents by Fulton County. You can find more information on the Fulton County website.