HOA/Neighborhood Information

HOA/Neighborhood AssociationsSandy Springs recognizes the importance of strong, vibrant neighborhoods and the preservation of quality of life standards in the city’s various neighborhoods. The main purpose of community services is to be the key contact to the city’s neighborhoods and homeowner associations. Community Services helps to maintain the quality of life in our city’s neighborhoods by:

  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with neighborhood and homeowner associations.

  • Serve as a resource/liaison to homeowner associations and neighborhood groups.

  • Addressing and resolving issues of concern related to city projects and programs

  • Coordinates resolution of neighborhood issues and concerns with appropriate city departments.

  • Foster communications between the city and neighborhoods.

  • Provide assistance in establishing new neighborhood organizations and revitalizing existing neighborhood organizations.

Since incorporation, the city has recognized the importance of keeping homeowners and neighborhood associations informed of city projects, programs and services. To this end, we have created a web page to serve as a central information resource.

Dan Coffer

Community Relations Manager

Email: dcoffer@sandyspringsga.gov