Sandy Springs Selects New Contractors

Long recognized as a trailblazer in Public-Private Partnerships, the City of Sandy Springs is once again breaking new ground with the recently completed re-bid of General Government Services. Following a year-long process, the City awarded contracts to four firms at tonight’s regular City Council meeting to provide general government services in the areas of Communications, Municipal Court, Public Works, Recreation and Parks and Community Development. Three firms received task orders to begin providing services on July 1, 2011. The total cost of these task orders, in addition to those for Financial Services and Information Technology awarded last month, represents more than $7 million in savings (approximately 29%) in the upcoming fiscal year when compared to all current contracted services. 

In July 2010, senior City staff, under the leadership of City Manager John McDonough, began planning efforts to develop and release Requests for Proposal (RFP) for General Government Services. Based on the knowledge and experience gained over the past five years, the City developed a cutting edge procurement process for soliciting, evaluating and awarding local government contracts utilizing the Public-Private Partnership model. As part of this process, the City held a series of events to educate the public and industry about Sandy Springs’ current operations. The RFP was released on January 20, 2011 via the City of Sandy Springs’ Procurement website at Proposals from bidding firms were due to the City on March 4, 2011. Eight firms submitted proposals for the five work packages referenced above.

Utilizing a combination of City staff and independent consultants to provide procurement and other subject matter expertise (the Source Selection Evaluation Team), the City undertook a comprehensive review of each proposal, focusing on the objective evaluation criteria outlined in the RFP. After being evaluated for technical capabilities, past performance, and price, the following firms were recommended for contracts and first year task orders:


Work Package


the Collaborative


$ 594,413

Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.

Municipal Court


URS Corporation

Public Works


Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.

Recreation and Parks


the Collaborative

Community Development






Sandy Springs Mayor Eva Galambos said: “The outcome of this procurement process demonstrates once again the virtue of an open, transparent and competitive market.  Our invitation for bids to perform the various services our City provides generated proposals from leading corporations in the U.S.  By virtue of these companies competing against each other, the process has resulted in a net savings to the City of $7,106,609, or 29% annually over the past annual contract.”

“I am proud of the process developed and used by the City and its evaluation team and believe it will serve as a road map for other governments to follow, especially considering the extraordinary financial challenges cities and counties are faced with today,” said City Manager John McDonough. “The investment made by the Mayor and City Council in this process will yield significant annual savings, allowing the City to continue to provide high levels of service and capital investments that our residents and businesses have come to expect. The results of our efforts are clear and resounding – the competitive market works.” McDonough sees this model as a viable alternative to the traditional way governments deliver services and can also provide substantial cost savings.

Mayor Galambos summarized the procurement by emphasizing, “Sandy Springs has had an excellent experience with CHM2 Hill over the past five years, and values the high quality of services the firm produced.  The change in future contract providers is in no way a repudiation of the excellent service by CH2M Hill in the past, but reflects the utilization of competition in the bid process by other qualified firms.”

Sandy Springs GGS Procurement Media Kit

Eden Freeman

Originally Published: Tuesday, May 17, 2011