A well planned city promotes economic growth and a sense of community. Zoning ensures that growth and development in Sandy Springs is both high quality and sustainable whether it’s for residential or commercial use.

The zoning staff manages portions of the City’s community involvement processes by holding monthly information meetings which are open to the public.

Open Rezoning, Use Permit, Variance and Zoning Modification Cases

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Boards, Commissions and Rezoning Meetings

The City currently has two active Planning & Zoning boards/commissions. The Board of Appeals hears variances and appeals to the zoning ordinance. The Planning Commission hears land use petitions: rezonings, use permits, zoning modifications, and any concurrent variances, as well as changes to zoning maps and ordinances.

The City seeks public input in the form of public hearing during Board of Appeals and Planning Commission meetings. Additionally, the City seeks input from the community on land use petitions during Community Meetings 1 and 2.

Zoning Ordinance

The Zoning Ordinance is the section of the City Code that governs land use.


Rezoning is the process required to change a property's zoning district from one category to another.

Use Permits

Use Permits allow a use above and beyond what an underlying zoning district allows.


Variances allow relief from a requirement of a City code, ordinance, or regulation. Variances require a pre-application meeting with planning staff and have a varied processing time based on the type of relief being sought.

Zoning Modifications

Zoning Modifications provide a way to change a condition of zoning for a rezoning or a use permit.

Zoning Certifications

A Zoning Certifications Letter is a document detailing the existing zoning and conditions of a property, usually for legal purposes.

Zoning Map

In the City of Sandy Springs, there are several residential districts which allow various forms and densities of residential development, and commercial districts, which limit the type and form of commercial uses.

Meeting Schedules 

Land use petitions go through a public process before being publicly heard by the appropriate board/commission. Planning and Zoning staff accepts land use petitions each month. Each type of action follows a schedule of public meetings and hearings before a decision is made on the petition.

Design Review by Planning Commission
Rezoning, Use Permit, and Zoning Modification Schedule
Variance Schedule

The Zoning Process

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