Water Conservation

The State of Georgia is facing one of the most severe droughts in history. Our rivers and reservoirs are at record lows, and many of our communities face water shortages that could challenge their ability to meet water supply needs.

Please be keep yourself informed of what you can do to help conserve water. The following links may be of help:

City of Sandy Springs Requires New Irrigation Systems to Have Rain Sensor Shut Offs

Water Conservation Survey for Builders

Toilet Rebates and Water Conservation Kits

While most of us assume outside watering is our greatest water usage, actually it is toilet flushing that consumes the greatest percentage of water-35 percent of household water use. This fact presents us with the greatest possibility of conserving water by installing new commodes that need only 1.6-gallon per flush as opposed to the old ones consuming 3.5-7-gallons per flush. The retrofit program provides rebates to help finance this retrofit.

To receive a rebate, Atlanta water/sewer customers must:

  • Own/rent a residence that was built prior to 1993 and have fixtures not currently in compliance with current water efficiency plumbing code standards.

  • Have a water account in good standing.

  • Purchase and install a toilet from an approved list of 1.6- or 1.28-gallon per flush toilets.

  • Provide the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District with their most recent water/sewer bill.

  • Provide the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District with proof of purchase (showing make, model, flow rate and installation.)

There are other easy measures to help conserve water, and the free kits to do so are available from the Atlanta Watershed Management Department or they are available at City Hall. To obtain a kit, visit City Hall's Community Development Department Permits Counter, sign a water Conservation Pledge Card and the kit is yours. Kits may also be obtained at the North Fulton County Government Annex at the Extension Office. Included are a low-flow shower head easily installed by homeowners, toilet dye tablets to allow one to check whether the flushing mechanism is leaking and kitchen and bath faucet aerators that reduce water consumption from those sources.

ToiletFor more information:

Toilet Rebate Program
(404) 463-8645

City of Atlanta Department
of Watershed Management

(404) 546-1264